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The beginning of a great adventure

A total beginner lacks of endurance, muscle and muscle control. Those qualities don't develop in a month, also it is important to establish a good basis. In particular, if you want to build a strong body you need a good material. A proper diet is 50% of the work towards a greater strength. So I devoted an entire page to diet.

With a good basis parkour training has the potential to develop the whole body very fast. Parkour training is a so-called full-body workout which is the way to go for beginners. Moreover parkour is a fairly natural activity and provides an adequate stimulus since it makes sense to the body.

Parkour alone is enough

As a beginner you will be surprised by how weak you are. At first all the techniques look impossible. Then you find out that some techniques are accessible like the saut de précision, the passe-muraille... Keep on going with those techniques at ground level and respect warming-up and cool down. After 1 year you will be surprised by how strong you got!

Young monkeys also need to practice a lot.

There is no miraculous exercise, which the experienced traceurs sum up with the motto "practice, practice, practice": only a regular practice makes you better.

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Internet videos

Internet videos are a great source of inspiration and creativity and the story of parkour is obviously linked to Internet. However there are a few problems: This is very confusing for beginners looking - consciously or not - for references. As a beginner, your best reference is people that you can meet in real life. Try to participate in local events if you usually train alone.

Example of fisheye video where the distances appear bigger than in reality.

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